Argentinian Lunch Menu


Empanadas: Choice of One (Baked or fried)

De Carne: Beef turnover with onions, egg, olives and regional spices filling
De Pollo: Chicken turnover with red pepper, onion, olives and regional spice filling
De Jamon y Queso: Ham and Cheese Turnover
De ricotta y choclo: Ricotta and corn turnover
De Ricotta y espinaca: Ricotta and Spinach turnover

Entradas (Entrees)

Canneloni Alla Bechamel

Stuffed crepes with ground beef & potted ham or Spinach & ricotta served in a tomato sauce drizzled with a cream sauce


Sausage sub topped with homemade chimichuri Sauce

Milanesa Tradicional

Chicken, breaded and fried, served with a side of French fries

Churazco con chimichuri

Grilld steak marinated in our homemade chimichuri sauce (served with side of Ensalada Russa)
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